What are we known for

Let’s start with the USP, we do all which is “Freshly Made Handcrafted in Ice Creams “

Today, we serve you the fresh and best Ice Cream Rolls and we call them “ FLAVOUR ROLLS “ which is a unique concepts and has been a big hit in South East Asia for the past two years. We introduced this product in India at almost the time it hit and was launched in the South East Asia.

We were among the first to master this product in India and have tried and tested it out in our outlets in Bangalore and Hubli. We have a repeat customer who turns up in our outlets at least 3 times a week. The popularity is such that we get a franchisee enquiry almost every DAY from new locations.

That’s not all, in the past we served Thick Shakes for which were know across, and we still serve them in our Outlets proudly. We have huge loyal followers for that too.

In the coming months we will give you another world trending product again a handcrafted and that will surprise you ….. & as always, we do..

What do we Offer

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Cool Berry’z operates in one Single Formats serving “Flavour Rolls” Thick Shakes, Waffles and two snacks to serve”.

The Franchisee needs to invest between Rs. 15 - 18 Lakhs to become a Franchisee of Cool Berry'z for getting a ROI of 117% in the first year which is equivalent to 11 months payback time.

This product and brand is now such positioned that it can be introduced in any category market across India. The product pricing is such that it can be adjusted to the market acceptability and with the adjusted price points you can still make huge profits.

Investment Rs.(Lakhs):
15 to 18 (depending upon sitting area availability)
Area (Sq ft):
MAX: 150 to 300

Return on Investment:

Target cities:
Metros, mini metros, state capitals, educational cities/towns and tourist centers.

Franchising Support:

Cool Berry’z support includes product management, Product developments, supply chain, logistics, and technology for order management, billing & payments solutions ongoing manpower training. Apart from this Cool Berry’z also uses technology driven neighborhood social marketing.

Our Outlet Formats

  • Built Out Without sitting

  • Built IN with sitting

  • Built IN with sitting

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Know Us

Cool Berry’z has been refining & defining our products and positioning in the “Freshly Made Handcrafted Ice Cream” Industry.
Today it has introduced India to Ice Cream Rolls & we call it “ FLAVOUR ROLLS “ which is a unique concepts and has been a big hit in South East Asia.
We will keep on defining and introducing the global trends in the “Freshly Made Handcrafted Ice Cream Industry in India.
Cool Berry’z started to pilot the concept with three retail outlets of 150 sq ft kiosk & 1 Flag-Ship store. With the learning’s from the pilot a full-fledged business model has been created to go Pan India in franchising model. .


To have Cool Berry’z in every neighborhood of Urban cities, tourist places, and educations institutes where people can enjoy and satisfy their taste buds.


Making the community healthier, while serving the goodness and energy of Milk, and the amazing taste of flavors, customized with its natural ingredients, together making it a great natural energizer.


India is large country and we have an opportunity to feed 1.2 Billion people who consume 1000 meals per annum between home and outside. Urban consumers are shifting from eating desserts as impulse fun foods to regular, after-meals consumption – eating out or ordering in. Customers are looking for something unique, they are looking for an experience, it’s not just about taking a scoop and walking off.
We are addressing this milk and Ice Cream craving community and those wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth with their desired customization

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